Snowmobiling at Chautauqua Lake

Snowmobiling at Chatauqua LakeThe scenic natural landscapes surrounding Chautauqua Lake are meant to be enjoyed all year long. As the winter months approach, now is a great time for some outdoors enthusiasts to take advantage of the one season where they can enjoy snow. Snowmobile enthusiasts especially have a lot to experience in this part of New York State, where large tracts of open lands become great fields for snowmobiling.

Chautauqua County has one of the most extensive collections of snowmobile trails of any region in the United States, much of it overseen by the Chautauqua Lake Snowmobile Club (CLSC). According to the club’s official homepage, “this region sees about 250 inches of snow on average each year. This snow packs the 400 miles of state-funded trails and the other 200 miles of trails maintained by the CLSC.”

Tourists to the area can easily sign up online for membership with the club, which provides discounts on snowmobile registration and access to the clubhouse, located nearby in Mayville. The clubhouse includes a number of amenities that can be used by snowmobilers coming in from the trails, including a mini kitchen and a small convenience area where drinks are sold.

There are many other businesses involved with snowmobiling in and around Chautauqua Lake. You can find a brand new vehicle Snowmobiling Chautauqua Laketo purchase or any of the accessories that you do not have. The hundreds of miles of snowmobile trails in this region often pass nearby stores, gas stations and lodgings, giving those on the trail quick access to their most basic needs. Also, this year you can get up-to-date trail conditions, maps, GPS and area information on your phone with an APP from the NYS Federation of Snowmobile Clubs.

When the winter sets in, a whole new side of Chautauqua opens up to visitors. Call us today to schedule your next getaway!